Parents play a vital role in the life of the school.  As members of a co-operative, parent and teachers share the responsibility and opportunity to work together to provide a nurturing experience for the children.  Our parents contribute their time and energy as well as their interests and expertise.


  • Co-op: Every school day, two parents are assistant teachers.  In addition to helping in the classrooms, parents:

  1. Set up the school
  2. Provide the healthy snack or drink for the day        
  3. Clean up the school at the end of the day            

Although the schedule varies monthly, you can expect one co-op day for each 12 days your child comes to school.

  • Job Assignment: Each parent also has a job they perform to help the school operate and thrive. A wide range of jobs offer something to meet everyone’s interest, talents, and time availability.  Some examples include serving on the Board, making the monthly co-op schedule, organizing social events, and playground maintenance and upkeep.

  • Workdays: Three times a year, we go beyond the daily clean-up and come together for a thorough job of cleaning and organizing the school. These times are usually before the opening of school in September, during mid-winter in February, and after closing the school in May.

  • Parent Meetings: There are two parent meetings in the fall and two in the spring. These meetings provide an opportunity for community decision-making on school activities and policies as well as another avenue to get to know each other and enjoy refreshments.


The families of Chancellor Street Cooperative become a true community. It is our goal that the parents, like the children, come to make friends, share, and learn from each other as we work together. Throughout the year we gather to have fun and build community.  

Some favorite events include:

  • Potluck and Campout at Camp Albemarle: A big, boisterous potluck dinner, with lots of socializing and play in the field and nearby stream.  Held twice a year in the fall and spring.

  • Parents Only Potluck: An evening in the fall for parents and teachers to find some time for adult conversation.

  • Silent Auction: Our major fundraising event held each spring and open to both current and alumni C-Street families.  

  • New Family Welcome Picnic: Held in the spring at an area park, returning families provide a potluck dinner to welcome and meet the new C-Street families.

  • Summer Playdates: Each summer, parents organize weekly playdates at local parks to provide opportunities for kids and families to connect, share a snack, and enjoy some time outside together.