Chancellor Street Awarded Bama Works Grant

Chancellor Street Preschool Cooperative is grateful to the Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF), who awarded us a grant that supported the purchase of new instruments to enhance our school’s music program.  From xylophones to ukuleles, the children are enjoying learning about instrument families, and listening to and playing a wide variety of exciting new instruments.  Here is what our teacher, Pam Evans, has to say: 

“We now have a large set of xylophones and metalophones which allow for all kinds of musical experimentation.  The children take turns playing in parts and accompanying each other at music time, which is normal for a well-equipped music program, but how many of us remember as a child wanting to play that big xylophone and hoping to get a turn?  At Chancellor Street all the children have the opportunity during the morning to play and explore these fun instruments at their own pace. What a joy to watch them discover a variety of sounds and harmonies. We are so thankful for the grant!”